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‘Tis the season to sell your house

As the nights draw in and the air takes on a noticeable chill, many people start to think just what a ‘cosy home’ looks like and means to them. Indeed, trend analysis shows an increase in home-moving activity during the winter months, so if you’re considering putting your home on the market, now could be the perfect time, ‘Tis the season to sell your house.

You might see it as another thing to add to the ‘to do’ list, along with all the festive shopping and social commitments, but instructing an estate agent to get your property ready to market, couldn’t be simpler. Once you’ve arranged the property valuation and finalised the details of your property, your agent can put your house on the market whenever you’re ready.

Here’s our handy checklist to help get you started:

Choose an estate agent

With so much choice, from online only, to national franchise, to local specialist, you need to ensure you’re happy with the agency instructed to sell your home. Make sure they have clear communication, are confident in their marketing tactics and that you’re happy with their commission. Remember to check out their Google reviews for honest recommendations from previous clients.

Get a valuation

When choosing your estate agent, they will advise how much they believe your house to be worth. These valuations can vary so make sure you’re happy that it’s an achievable price. If your house is priced too high it could sit on the market for a long time, or if too low be snapped-up quickly, losing you monetary value.

Arrange a photoshoot

Whether it’s looking all festive or free of decorations in the New Year, getting good pictures of your property is crucial. Your agent can arrange and oversea the photography to capture your home at its very best. Remember, if photographed with decorations on show, this will date the shoot if still on the market come the spring.

Choose a date to go on the market

Once the details of your property are finalised, your agent can list it online and start marketing it whenever you’re ready. All you need to do is sit back and let your agent get viewers through the door.

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the New Year, it could really work in your favour to get yourself prepared in time for the post-Christmas boom in potential buyers. It’s not just cheap electronics and clothes that buyers are searching for in the Boxing Day sales! The New Year lends itself to people thinking of new adventures and fresh starts. This could be buying your house.

Hallways Estate Agents are always here to help you make your next property move, so get in touch if you need any advice or guidance.

In the meantime, we would like to send our best wishes and festive greetings to all customers from the past year, and look forward to meeting many more of you in 2024.