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How to use an open house to sell your property
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How to use an open house to sell your property

How to use an open house to sell your property – Getting lots of potential buyers through the door on the same day and creating a buzz about your property are the aim of holding an open house. They can be an amazing selling tool when added to traditional sales techniques but they need to be done right to be a success.

Preparing your house for one day of viewings rather than a number of separate appointments can be a real plus point for sellers, so here are our top tips to make your open house work for you.

Agree a sales strategy with your estate agent

Use their local market knowledge and experience to plan how best to sell your house. Talk through how they are going to promote the open house and what you need to do to create the biggest impact on the day. They might advertise online, use their database of clients and produce a marketing brochure to distribute on the day.

Select the best time

Weekend viewing slots are always popular and the best day to hold an open day is Saturday. You want your house to look its best, in natural daylight, and get lots of people through the door so booking viewings from 10am-2pm is ideal.  Your estate agent may want to book back-to-back appointments to create the open day energy and make the property appear popular.

Declutter and tidy

Declutter and tidy each room to show it off to its maximum potential and as much space as possible. Each room needs to have a specific purpose so potential buyers can see exactly how it could function for them. Store any clutter out of sight in the loft or in an outside storage space.

Kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is one of the most important factors often overlooked. Make sure the front of the property looks clean, tidy and weed free.  You’d be surprised how much impact the front door, driveway and garden can have.

Clean and fresh

Clean and fresh homes show really well so make sure you give the house a last minute clean and tidy on the day of open house. Pay particular attention to the bathroom and kitchen and store away any personal items you don’t want on display.

Let your agent sell your house

Having the owner at an open house can put some buyers off and they’re less likely to explore the property as much as they’d like to. Your agent will be on hand to guide them and answer questions about the house and the local area so you don’t need to be.

Open houses have become increasingly popular in the UK sales market over the last few years and it’s a trend that looks set to continue. We tailor our marketing approach to each property we sell so get in touch with us to see if it’s a tool that would work for you.

The above are all the main ways of How to use an open house to sell your property.