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How to choose the right area to live in
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How to choose the right area to live in

The first step in finding the perfect home is identifying the area you will feel happy in.  The local community is likely to be as important, if not more so, than the actual property you choose.

While you’re able to narrow down your search of potential properties via online pictures and maps, getting a feel for an area can take a lot more time and effort. Your budget will be a key factor in where you start your search but here are a few other ideas to consider:

As a local estate agent, we would always recommend clients spend some time exploring an area they’re not familiar with, in person. Visiting the local shops, sitting down for coffee or attending one of the local events that might be running like school fairs, flower shows or seasonal activities.

It’s these events, bringing people together for a shared cause, that really make an area a ‘community’. It’s the reason why we support so many of them. Our collaboration with local schools help it’s PTFAs raise funds that directly support our local children’s education.

While this sponsorship helps raise our profile with the use of banners and advertising, it also allows us to play our part as a member of the local community.

If you need any advice on the local area, want to sell your home or want to discuss sponsorship opportunities with us please give us a cal