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Get your house viewing-ready in a flash
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Get your house viewing-ready in a flash

Having made the decision to sell your home, the pressure to keep it viewer-ready can sometimes be quite overwhelming. You still need to live in and enjoy your house but want to be able to show it off in its most favourable light to maximise its selling potential.

Here are our quick cleaning tips that will see your house looking clean and shiny in no time.

Tidying is the first step

Do a quick sweep of each room to remove any obvious rubbish for the bin and store away any items on shelves or in cupboards. Keep a box or basket in each room that can be easily filled with items that need to be relocated elsewhere.

Quick clean

Shaking and fluffing soft furnishings such as cushions and blankets can make an obvious difference in a room. Follow that up with a whip-around with a hoover to collect any noticeable crumbs and pet hair and the room will be good to show.

Kitchen tidy

Make sure any washing up is done or stacked in the dishwasher. Wipe down surfaces and remove any clutter that obviously doesn’t belong. The clearer the surfaces, the more spacious a kitchen can appear so it’s well worth the effort.

Bathroom blitz

Spray the entire bathroom suite with an appropriate all-purpose cleaner, then wipe, rinse and dry it to get a sparkly finish. Hide away bath toys and any lotions and potions.

Sparkly shine

Mirrors and glass reflect light around your home and can make it appear larger and brighter. Make sure they’re all clean by using a window cleaner spray and window cloth to wipe any marks and smears away.

Fresh air

While the smells of coffee and baked bread are often touted as the best aromas to sell a house, nothing beats fresh air. Open windows while you’re doing your quick clean, to remove any stale odours.

It might sound like a long task-list but by spending a few minutes in each room, you’ll have your house show-home ready in no time.

If you’re considering moving house in the near future and want any help or advice, please give us a call.