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How to make your outside space a real selling point


How to make your outside space a real selling point

If you want your home to make an impact, giving your garden some TLC should be high on your priority list. While it’s essential for the inside of the property to look the part, a few small changes to your outside space could add real value and sell your house faster.

The desire for outside space has increased dramatically since the pandemic so now is the time to show what yours has to offer.  Here are our top tips on how to perk up your garden without spending a fortune.

Look at it through a buyer’s eyes

Take a step back and try and look at your garden objectively; assess what enhances the space and what detracts from it and what, if anything, might scare potential buyers away. Climbing frames and swings; greenhouses and vegetable patches; all can bring joy or take up space and require maintenance in equal measure.

Spring clean your outside space

Never underestimate how much impact a good clean up can have. Buyers will want a garden they can walk straight into and enjoy rather than one that needs a lot of maintenance.  Removing dead plants, cutting the grass and pulling weeds can have a massive impact.

Straightforward DIY tasks

Jet washing a concrete patio can revive a dull and tired space, while painting fences and outside walls instantly brightens them and protects them against the weather. Tidying away toys or play equipment can make your garden feel larger and more appealing too.

Add some colour and shape

Simply altering the shape and size of your flower beds can revitalise your garden, costing no more than an hour or two of your time, and a bag of compost. Straight beds down either side will make a garden look smaller, whereas a sweeping curve can make it feel bigger than it actually is.

Add instant colour with bedding plants in the borders or in a pot on the patio. Flowers and fresh herbs can influence how welcoming a space can feel.

Create a seating area

Whether you have a small patio garden or a veritable mini estate, creating an area to enjoy and entertain guests can be a real selling point. Gardens are often seen as an extension of our indoor living so buyers want to have somewhere to sit and relax. Styling the area with chairs, a table and outdoor rug can help them visualise its potential.  

With summer approaching, our gardens should be in full bloom but no matter what time of the year you’re selling, having a well maintained and appealing outside space will definitely help sell your home. If you need any more hints and tips, or want advice on how to sell your home, just give us a call.