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Top tips to make your house stand out from the crowd
Top tips to make your house stand out from the crowd

With optimism and momentum in the property market still high plus ultra-low mortgage rates up for grabs, now is still a great time to consider that property move.

The pandemic has seen an increased desire from buyers for rural living with its offer of more outside space alongside the greater potential to work from home. We are ideally situated in our area of Coulsdon, Purley and South Croydon, with our perfect mix of green spaces and close proximity to the City, to be part of that lifestyle. However, with so many houses on the market, how can you make yours stand out from the crowd? Here are my top tips:

First impressions really do count

If you want to get the best value from your home, you really need to look at it with fresh eyes. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes so you can notice anything that might potentially put them off.

According to research, your home has just 11 seconds to make a winning impression so it’s crucial that the front garden, porch area, windows and front door are clean, tidy and weed-free.


I don’t recommend that you completely de-personalise your home but decluttering to make the space look as big and welcoming as possible is crucial.

You might be able to see past the stack of boxes in the corner and cluttered work surfaces in the kitchen but you can’t assume buyers will. Too much clutter screams that the house lacks space and storage – two key things people are looking for.

Fresh lick of paint

You don’t want to spend money unnecessarily but fixing anything that’s obviously broken or never been finished will make your home much easier to sell.

A lick of paint will also really freshen up a tired space and is something that’s easy to achieve in a short amount of time.

Clean and shiny

Nothing works better than a deep clean so every room looks as good as it can. Work from top to bottom in each room to ensure its dust free and don’t forget to clean windows and mirrors to make the room look and feel as light as possible.

Shiny taps, clutter-free surfaces and clean floors show buyers the property is loved and well-maintained.

Smelling fresh

Coffee and baked bread may be tried and tested ‘selling smells’ but there are easier and more long-lasting alternatives you can choose. Clean and fresh smells like citrus, pine and vanilla, are ideal and you should focus on areas where smells linger – kitchens, bathrooms, upholstered furniture, curtains and carpets.

Dress your space

You don’t want to buy anything that you can’t take with you when you move but faux flowers, soft furnishings and mirrors are all ideal small purchases that move easily and can really change a space for the better.

Make use of every space

If you’re lucky enough to have a shed or a garage, make sure you don’t forget about decluttering and cleaning those areas too.  Additional space is at a premium and could be a real selling-point for your home but it’s all too often overlooked.

Virtual viewings

At Hallways, we use a 3D virtual reality system to capture footage of your property before it goes on the market so potential clients can always view it at its best. This process makes it much easier to sell your home as we really can generate priority viewings on the back of it.

Potential buyers can take a virtual tour of your home, at their own pace, and are able to measure any aspect of it and revisit it whenever they want before visiting in person.    

So, to make your home stand out, take a bit of time to view it as a buyer would and really show it off to its best potential.  

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